The 5 best slow Cuban salsa songs for practicing and teaching

Cuban salsa is a fast and vigorous dance and that’s why we like it. We like it hot, we like it fast. We go to salsa parties to enjoy ourselves, the music, have fun and dance with others. But learning it is a slow process that takes time, effort, patience and a lot of practice. And for learning you can’t use the same songs that keep the parties alive, you need to slow down a bit.

Whether you are a teacher or a salsa student you will need some slow music that you can use in your classes or at home if you are the type who is willing to put some extra effort into learning to be able to shine.

And to help you, teachers and students out there, we have collected the 5 best slow Cuban salsa songs that you can use at home or in your classes.


1. El Puma DJ y Rulo Miami Sound – Escuela latina


Of course it’s the “un, dos, tres” song. It’s slow, it’s easy and why would you count if they count for you?


2. Berna Jam ft. Roly Maden y Barbara Jimenez – Conmigo no


Roly Maden and the goddess Barbara Jimenez in a slow, easy and beautiful Cuban salsa song? Can you ask for more?


3. Juan Formell y Los Van Van – La maquinaria


One of Cuba’s greatest band with legendary Juan Formell created this amazingly rich but slow Cuban salsa song. You can listen to it any number of times and still love it, great for practicing, great for teaching.


4. Timbalive – Duplicandote la dosis


This song from Cuban band Timbalive is only 2 years old. A real masterpiece that will be played for many more years to come. And while many Youtube commenters say they “wish it was a bit faster”, with only 84 bpms it’s one of the best songs for practicing Cuban salsa at home or in the class.


5. Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor ft Maykel Fonts – Dale lo que lleva


One of the greatest Cuban bands with the greatest and most well-known Cuban star Maykel Fonts. How could this be wrong? You know the answer, it can’t. Though it came out 6 years ago it’s still an awesome, slow Cuban salsa song that you can listen to any number of times without ever getting bored.


Do you have your own favourite slow salsa songs? Post them in the comment section below!

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